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Change colour v's Original log book colour

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  • Change colour v's Original log book colour

    Any thoughts on this!

    Should i stick with the original log book colour of the car?


    Change to an original colour but not what is on the log book?

    Is it accepted or frowned upon

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    Personally I would go for the logbook colour but at the end of the day it's your car and therefore yours to enjoy whatever colour that may be, and if anybody doesn't like it tell em to pi** off.


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      this would depend on whether or not you liked the original colour, and how original you want to keep the car.
      my car is a matching numbers car (circa 1963), and the colour has "grown" on me, so i'm keeping it. i would prefer a different colour, but now it stays.


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        Cheers lads, do you think it would de-value the car to change the colour to another original mk1 cooper s colour.


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          Obviously, most value for an old car is in the degree of originality, pretty much by definition. But as said, it's your car, which is the main consideration.
          If you are going to change the colour, particularly to an original colour (thereby aiming for as much 'originality' as a change of colour will allow), it needs to be done properly - i.e. complete strip-down to bare shell, blasting and good quality paint. Otherwise you're talking about a respray, where damage/removal of components/looking underneath will reveal a different colour. That will affect the value.


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            Generally I too would say stick with the original although I haven't with mine. It must also depend on how original your car is to begin with? And how long you plan to keep the car?

            If the car is not particularly original and you plan modifications etc. to it, then the colour becomes less important. If you actually have such things as the original logbook and the car has not been otherwise altered then it seems more of a shame.

            I have stuck with an original colour to suit the age of my car (Old English White) and because the car needed a complete respray anyway I personally didn't see it as a big issue but others will think differently. It is probably worthwhile looking at cars in various colours before making up your mind but, as others have said - it is your car!

            Colours are always a personal thing, and although the value might be affected a bit by a colour change, values are also affected by a popular/unpopular colour as well. long as you stick with a popular one I'd say you won't go too far wrong.

            Obviously you also need to think about the interior. Does the new colour go with the interior you have or has that got to be changed anyway? My own choice was limited by the interior of my car which was in good order. A new interior would have pushed the budget over the edge so I had to compromise!

            Do you want to be brave and tell us what colour your car is/what colour you want to change to?


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              I'm going to bring the car back to a bare metal shell and the interior needs to be done anyway! I am planning to restore the car to better than new condition when finished. So i have a blank canvas but i would only paint in one of the original colour/interior schemes to go with a 66 car that has Gold Brocade Grey Liners ie ( Island blue, old english white and Tartan red)


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                What is the original colour then?

                I would say do the car what colour you like but it could make a bit of difference to the value if you were to sell it or might just put a few people off who wanted a car 'as it left the factory', others might not be so bothered.

                Do as you want, not as others would want. Just be prepared to hear a few negative comments at shows, should you choose to display a Heritage Certificate.

                We usually stick to the original colour on our classics although I am going to change the colour on my pick up from White to Tweed Grey because A, I don't like white Pick ups and B, Tweed Grey is, for me, the only colour for a commercial Mini.


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                  I was going to write my own answer, but Gray saved me a job. . . . See above.


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                    It's just a matter of personnel opinion, I bought a car which was not its original colour, there was enough evidence of the original shade so I was more than happy, previous owners preference when restored, it's still not the original colour now, still has original trim, that's the beauty of the red or white cars.


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                      That is a good point - that you should perhaps preserve some of the original paint in hidden places or at least take plenty of photographs of the transformation because when you come to sell it one day, a prospective buyer might suspect that the car you have is not the original car/shell at all if it is a different colour to the original logbook/Heritage certificate etc.

                      Although I have changed the colour of my own car (I didn't like the original "hearing aid" beige) I have left the original paint behind the rear seat and a few other hidden places so signs of it do still remain. Who knows, some future owner might want to change it all back!

                      Are we going to know the original colour of your car?


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                        I think i will stick with the original colour after reading all your comments ( It kind of went across the grain for me to change the colour but it nice to get your thoughts reinforced). This will give me an excuse to tell the wife when i arrive home with a OEW/Black cooper s to the front door


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                          OEW/black is a great colour combo to have.


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                            OEW / Black is indeed one of the best combos together with Fiesta Yellow / Powder blue


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                              When I searched for a car, my plan was to buy a MK1 and respray it in Island Blue / OEW roof.
                              I found a few cars, on which I would have no problem with to do this, but the car I bought is Fiesta Yellow.
                              So,I can not change this, and so my wife and decided to keep the color.
                              With a red red one, or an Almond green, I think I would have changed...