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Fitting Sportspack wheels and arches

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  • Fitting Sportspack wheels and arches

    I have just purchased a set of mpi sportspack 6jx13 wheels and genuine arches to fit to my 96 spi Cooper. I would like them to fill the arches, so have also bought spacers which came with the wheels. I would appreciate a few pointers from someone who has done the same. i)Will I require extended studs and if so which length, and will the splines be compatible with my existing hubs, if I wish to use the mpi wheelnuts which came with the wheels. ii)Are they awkward or straightforward to replace?. iii) Would you recommend getting one of the templates advertised on ebay to ensure correct fitting, or are drilling points and degree of arch removal obvious? iv) The arches are already painted as they come of an mpi, so will i need any barriercoat or special primer or paint to respray them the colour of my car? One last question, do genuine red sportspacks have red arch trim or black? many thanks. neil

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    definitely dont buy the templates from ebay, as they;re a free download from Minispares.

    you shouldnt need spacers on the front, but you'll need to use thin ones on the rear, they're about 1/2" supplied on factory fitted kits.

    If you use wider spacers than this then you'll end up killing wheel bearings and you'll get even more wheel rub at the front.

    The wheel studs on the MPi's are the same for sportspack cars and non-sportspack so you shouldnt need longer studs. The wheel nuts used on MPi cars are the same as Rover used since the late 80's, is all Rover Coopers use the same nuts.

    Genuine Sportspacks all have black rubber trim.

    You'll also want to fit re-enforcing peices to the wheel arches when you cut them. as per factory cars.

    Factory cars have a steering rack with a limited lock to stop the wheels fowling on full lock, KAD sell nylon collars to convert your existing rack, although many have used the standard rack with no wheel rub problems.

    Personally as a sportspack owner, i'm tempted to convert back to 12" wheels, the 13's make the steering so heavy, reduced turning circle and they do make the car track bumps more.